The citizen platform

Citizen dialogue, vibrant communities and sustainability

This is how we facilitate citizen dialogue, vibrant communities and sustainability

Imagine a service that ties communities closer together, provides an overview of what is happening where people live and shortens the distance between citizen and local government.

The expectations of modern communication is erasing the divide between tools used by the best digital media houses and those used by local government to communicate with citizens. Innocode offers a citizen platform built on nearly ten years of digital technology development collaboration with leading Scandinavian media houses. The solution lifts cities’ citizen involvement and information work into the mobile age.

Citizen app for urgent information. Improved direct information to citizens

With a customized version of the Innocode Citizen App, you can quickly improve targeted citizen information.

While our everyday lives are flooded with digital information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach citizens with relevant, accurate and timely information. As people get used to information finding them, fewer and fewer actively seek out information themselves.

From idea to launch in five steps

We have facilitated and helped bring to life a large number of digital projects. Municipalities, organizations, and local newspapers of all shapes and sizes have contributed to the development of successful implementation methodology that ensures robust solutions that matter to people. Even though a citizen project seems complex, we have learned that efficient organization and interaction are the main keys to good execution.

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Want to see how the citizen platform works for the Sandefjord municipality in Norway?